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Website Designing Company In Delhi

Website Designing Company In Delhi

A static website contains webpages with definitive content. In this website, almost every page is coded in HTML which remains the same for every user. This kind of website designing do no required any database and backend expertise, it is most basic and easy to make kind of website. We have a team of good HTML coders who can build your static website at earliest. Consult our team of technical experts to know more about the process and make your website at a very reasonable rate.

The static website comprises web pages with limited content, each page of static website coded with HTML, and shows the same material and information to every user. Incompatible to dynamic websites, the static website does not require database layouts or web programming, they are easy to create, and one of the primary sites. The static website builds by creating a few HTML web pages and publish them for the visitors on the webserver.

As static website contains fixed content in web pages, they can’t be modified easily unless a web developer updated it manually. Static websites are suitable for a small website, yet it is challenging to maintain websites with hundreds or thousands of web pages. Hence, the more extensive site uses the dynamic website pages only as they can be modified and updated easily through a database record.

Static websites developed through designed templates due to which all web pages of the static website have a similar layout throughout the website.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Static Website


Numerous layouts provided to the clients which develop a unique website with a different style of web pages, moreover web designers are willing to modify the webpages when it requires to make it more advanced. This feature of static website develops a themed website.

The cost of the Static website is generally low for designing.


As we mentioned above, the static website carries fixed content, which signifies no modifications and updates in the material. If you wish to modify a webpage, proficiency of HTML code and web designing are required. Here you need to go back to the designer and ask to make relevant changes.

Static website building is time-consuming as if you have various products or services to sell, different web pages required to be made it takes a lot of effort.

Why choose a Static Website? 

Beneath we brought some sweet cookies for you which automatically redirected you to a static website windfall, here let’s take a look:

  • Security 

Static websites are much safer than dynamic websites as they do not count on CMs Plugins. Static website’s active operations handled by JavaScript and APIs, which eradicate the threat of hacking. It does not require plugins and dynamic software to launch the website.

  • Dependability

Thousands of you must encounter an error message pop up which says, “Sorry for the inconvenience; the connection could not be verified” it emerges due to database errors. Hosting websites with basic HTML code web pages make it easy to launch them on any platform such as through CDN. Thus whenever the server gets crashes, the static website automatically redirected to the nearest node.

  • Speed

The shortage of database and mediators prepare the static website to be more speedy, which is easy to load. Another reason for the fast speed of a static website is that they easily connected to the nearest node available to the browser.

  • Affordable Price & Hosting

A static website contains webpages with simple HTML code that don’t require vast space to create hosting of these static websites more affordable.

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